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Eagle Pink Natural Himalayan Salt

Eagle pink natural Himalayan salt is recognized for its beautiful pink colour, structure, balanced mineral contents and beneficial properties. Best quality pink salt is directly mined from Himalayan Salt Range Warcha and approached to our premises in shortest time as Eagle Foods Intl. situated only 12 KM away from Himalayan salt range Warcha. That’s why freshness and effectiveness of Eagle Salt is always remained better than others.

Geologically these beds are dried since thousands of years ago. This salt is free from hazardous heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic etc. This salt is also free from any biological growth like bacteria, algae, fungi and virus etc. nutritional factors like calcium, magnesium, iron are also present naturally in this salt which are much fruitful for human as well as animal.

Its slightly pink colour is due to iron which is also a necessary nutrient factor for children growth, while in sea salt iron is not present naturally. Unprocessed sea salt contains microbiological growth, heavy metals and high concentration of minerals with organic compounds. Due to spillage / leakage of crude oil from cargo ships, sea salt is also polluted by municipal waste and influents of cities and industries which ultimately resulted presence of all the impurities in sea salt. Therefore, it is impossible to remove in a scientific way because human error is present. Processing of sea salt in chemical industries also resulted to bad affects on human life.

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